Jervis Bay, Australia

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January 26, 2018

After visiting Australia’s Whitehaven Beach in Queensland, I thought I’d never see a beach with such white sand again. I was wrong (it does happen occassionally). When we arrived at Jervis Bay, we stopped in our tracks. We went there thinking it would be a quiet little bay with a few small beaches, and did not expect miles and miles of perfect white sand and crystal clear waters.

Five minutes after arriving at our first bay, I turned excitedly to my partner and said, “Can we live here?” He pointed out that I’ve said that about every single place that we’ve visited in Australia so far, which I realised was true and made a mental note to try to better control my habitation impulses in the future.

Jervis Bay is a three-hour drive South of Sydney. We made it into a mini weekend trip and just stayed one night, but next time we will definitely stay longer. One of the best ways to see Jervis Bay’s beaches is the White Sands Walk. The walk starts at Greenfield Beach in Vincentia. From Greenfield Beach you walk along to Chinamans Beach (my favourite) and then to the more well-known Hyams Beach. I looked at Google Maps just before we left and it looked like the whole walk would take us 15 minutes each way. It actually took us an hour each way. I’m not sure how, but it seems like anything can happen when I’m in charge of the map. Anyway, it was a flat and easy walk, and you could easily make it shorter by not walking to the very end of Hyams Beach.

Hyams Beach is by far the longest of the three, and the busiest, although if you walk right down to the far south end you can find some quiet spots. If you’re spending a whole day at one of the beaches, I would suggest going to Greenfield or Chinamans as they are just as beautiful and quieter. The sand particles are so smooth and round on all of the beaches that the sand squeaks when you walk on it (I got some strange looks from passers by whilst trying to take a video of my feet squeaking along the beach).

It’s definitely worth spending some time in Booderee National Park too. It’s $11 per vehicle to get in, so remember to take cash. It’s further away from the main eating and shopping areas and has a more remote feel about it. I surfed at Cave Beach, where the waves were perfect for me (read: practically non-existent). I’m, let’s say, a little less ambitious when it comes to surfing compared to my partner.

Our favourite place to eat in Jervis Bay was Pilgrims Cafe in Huskisson (a short drive from Vincentia). We went there for breakfast on the first day and lunch the following day because it was so good. We had eggs/avocado based dishes and shared the acai bowl for breakfast dessert, because what’s a weekend away without breakfast dessert, right? For lunch the next day we had amazing veggie burgers. If you’re thinking that veggie burgers aren’t your thing, then please give Pilgrims Cafe the opportunity to change your mind. They have at least eight different types of veggie burgers with toppings such as peanut sauce and tahini dressing.

If you’re looking for a white-sand getaway, but don’t want to spend $$$ on five-star Maldives accommodation, Jervis Bay is the place to go.

Exploring Budderoo National Park

The South/quieter end of Hyams Beach

Greenfield Beach

Shortly after deciding I want to live in Jervis Bay

Sunset drinks on the beach

What a dream

Why carry your own surfboard when you can get your boyfriend to do it for you?

First course of breakfast at Pilgrims Cafe

Surfing at Cave Beach

Chinamans Beach (my favourite in Jervis Bay)

Such amazingly clear water

One of the amazing veggie burgers at Pilgrims Cafe

A rare sighting of the boyfriend not complaining about having his photo taken


Sunset at Greenfield Beach





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